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Academic Resources

Practice your reading, writing, and math skills at home with these useful resources. Browse the links below to start learning.

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  • Hippocampus provides math instruction in video format from the basics like decimals, fractions, percents, ratios and proportions through Algebra and beyond. The site also includes examples and practice.
  • Khan Academy provides personalized learning for all subjects. Use the search bar to browse through video instruction and practice tools.
  • Math Goodies provides instruction in basic math, geometry and pre-algebra topics with practice problems and printable worksheets.
  • GCF Learn Free provides instruction on basic math and algebra topics with written explanations and practice problems.
  • TV 411 provides short videos demonstrating applications for real-world math. Some instruction and practice is included.
  • Math Antics is a free series of goofy basic math videos. A $10/year membership includes practice and worksheets with answers.
  • Youtube offers videos on anything and everything. For instruction on finding the area of a compound shape (L-shaped room), click here.


  • Purdue Online Writing Lab provides helpful resources including the writing process, academic writing, mechanics, grammar and much more.
  • Persuasive Writing is a video presentation on the basics of the persuasive essay.
  • Time4Writing offers tips for writing the persuasive essay using the five-step writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.


  • English Maven offers a wide range of reading comprehension exercises from low beginner to high advanced.
  • Dream Reader is a free English reading practice site with different levels of reading passages with accompanying audio. It also includes reading comprehension quizzes, vocabulary worksheets, and printable reading passages. Answers are included to check your work.
  • Easy Reading contains short stories and articles at three levels. Quizzes following each article test your comprehension and grammar.
  • is geared towards adults with an advanced level of English, offering texts on a variety of subjects. Select a topic and the piece of news you want to read. Click on “Story” and then from the menu on the left, choose from your five comprehension activities.